About Touch

Touch • Digital Summit is the annual large scale marketing forum. The summit is being held in Tbilisi, Georgia. The aim of the summit is to talk about the importance of Digital Marketing Technologies and the Future of transformation Digital System in the Tourism Industry, Social Media Industry, UX & Design, SEO…This is the brand new, extensive summit where ideas and inspiration are born. Touch • Digital Summit will focus on how digital key strategies, trends, harness technology improves today’s global world.

Invited professionals will give you an opportunity to learn important issues directly from the digital industry experts.

Main focal points of the summit are: Social Media in Tourism, How to use Internet to sell your Product, How to create Brand Product and Promote it on the Internet, How to Create Social Media Trends, Tools for Social Media, Data Visualization/Innovation, Travel in Digital, Content Creation, Branding and Color Meaning, Photo as a link to Journey, Tech Trends and much and much more!

All together we are discussing and answering to the questions posed by the Digital and Social Revolution we are living through.